GSWS offers interdisciplinary core courses about how to understand and analyze the operations of gender and sexuality and key topics in feminist, queer, and LGBTQ studies as well as a wide array of cross-listed courses focusing on gender and sexuality in specific disciplines.  GSWS core courses for undergraduate and graduate students are mainly small, seminar-style classes that allow students to pursue individual topics for research and writing.

To identify courses cross-listed with GSWS that meet requirements for undergraduate and graduate degree programs, search the Peoplesoft student information system under "Interdisciplinary Programs" for courses with the "Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies" attribute.  The criteria for cross-listing can be found here.

On this page are archived lists of courses cross-listed with GSWS in previous semesters.

Cross-Listed Courses for Spring 2023 (2234)

Graduate Cross-Listed Courses Spring 2023 (2234)